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Manage faster development cycles, organize effectively

Development of new products and processes is influenced by the increasing speed in which technology renews. The House of Technology supports companies with managing this challenge. Our technical experts offer several tools for this:

  1. Technology Assessment: This tool combines Technology Mapping with a risk assessment on a specific application. Aim is to determine where the focus of the engineering team should be when a project is started and executed.
  2. Design Tools: Tools that help to accelerate the development process, e.g. by Design of Experiments (DoE), FMECA en Design for Excellence (DfX). Application of the tools can be done by adding external expertise to the development team or in practical training sessions.
  3. System Architects: Experienced system architects can be added to existing project teams. In an early stage external technical experts challenge the development team with the right questions. This often saves money in later stages in the project.
  4. Project Management: The House of Technology offers experienced project managers who contribute to the success of (complex) projects.
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