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Find focus, make choices

The House of Technology helps companies to find focus and effectively make use of internal capacity. For that our technical experts offer several tools:

  1. Project Portfolio Scan: This tool helps companies to start early with their orientation on technology projects that are important for the future business. Goal is to prevent that time pressure forces a company to only use known technology.
  2. Innovation Scan: Tool to map the innovation process within an organization, to tune possibilities and priorities between the different disciplines and to detect bottlenecks.
  3. Suuply Chain Improvement: Tools to get insight in the sales, engineering and production process, e.g. in relation subjects like Value Driver Matrix, modularity, Configur to Order, product architecture and supply chain performance.
  4. Technology Mapping: Tools to get insight in possible application of technologies on a no cure no pay basis. This is done in 2 to 3 work sessions together with the internal development and engineering team. Without results it will only cost internal hours.

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