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Accelerate technology processes, solve bottlenecks

The House of Technology is a technology broker for companies in the industry. In technology projects we combine internal capacity with the right external knowledge and experience. We do this in the three stages of the technology proces:

  1. Find focus: The House of Technology helps companies to orientate on technology and to find focus in order to make effective use of capacity. We offer tools to get overview of possible technology projects, to get inisight in the innovation processes and to learn more about technology that is developed and for sale externally. Read more…
  2. Organize: The House of Technology supports companies to assess application of technology and offers design tools for realizing technology projects. Our system architects and project managers bring their experience to the table in design and project teams. Read more…
  3. Execute (technical experts): The House of Technology understands the technology need companies have and we help R&D managers, project managers and resource managers with finding the right experts at the right moment. Read more…
Technology broker
Focus   Organize   Technical experts
  • Project portfolio scan
  • Innovation scan
  • Supply Chain Improvement
  • Technology mapping
  • Technology assessment
  • Design tools (FMEA, DoE, DfX)
  • System architects
  • Project managers
  • Specific expertise
  • (Temporarily) extra capacity
  • Knowledge transfer
  • 2nd opinion
Organize and execute technology projects