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Network of and for technical experts

Since 2007 The House of Technology has been mapping bottlenecks in knowledge within technology companies. To solve these bottlenecks we have organized a network of technical experts. Individually there are specialists in what they do, together they bring solutions to (complex) technological challenges. Our members are partly self-employed and partly engineering agencies with a specific technical focus. Members of The House of Technology distinguish themselves by their vast experience and broad knowledge base. Below an overview of the technical expertise available.

The House of Technology is active for its members and companies in industry. As technology broker we match supply and demand in technical expertise. The network is always looking for complementary knowledge. If interested you can contact us for more information.
5. CTO club Oost
The House of Technology supports several initiatives that stimulate apllication of (new) technology and bring industry partners together. For example we organize technical meetings, where a technical project or challenge is discussed. Every six months we host a symposium to present actual themes in technology or industry.

Here you can find an overview of upcoming events. But we also share knowledge and want to contribute to science studies.